Sunday, February 21, 2010

Figure Painting Class

8x10 in. oil on oil primed linen canvas
11x14 in. oil on acrylic triple primed canvas
Thumbnail Sketch
11x17 in. oil on acrylic triple primed canvas

This past weeks home work and in class painting. So we had to use the Zorn pallet this week and do a painting of anybody we want. I could not get anyone to model for me, so I turned to the internet and just still framed a few heads shots off of youtube. I like the Zorn pallet and have used it many times before, I am cheep and you only have red, yellow and black plus white so it keeps it simple. I also use the same pallet in class, I was fusing over facial features and really got lost in the process with this one. But I always learn from my mistakes, and were I might have over worked the features and lost them all together, the over all color was really nice, a bit warm but I wanted it that way.

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