Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Figure Painting Class

It felt like I took a step back in my progress this week, only to make a great leap forward. The portrait assignment this week was to paint with a warm and cool color plus white. I used earth red and prussian blue plus white of course. It looks like if I came to your house late at night you might not answer the door. Not a good painting, a list of things that made me see what I should not be doing.
Then I show up to class and want to make a masterpiece and Jane is the model so I can not blame it on that(the pose was nothing short of a masterpiece itself). I have to create something special, so my sketch turned out nice and then I started the painting. Only to wipe it once and then repaint it to fast, and then wiped it again after I got home. So the next day I used the wiped canvas to paint my next homework assignment, and then it hit me hard as to what I have been doing wrong all this time. I can not put it into words but the potrait turned out nice and more than that I was on the right path.
So I chalenged myself to repaint Jane from the sketch I did in class. The sketch did not provide a ton of information and details so it was a bit different. I had done this kind of thing with landscapes and maybe a figure before so it was not totally new to me. I learned all these ways of picture making in the past few years that I have studied with Terry Miura. It has opened my eyes to all sorts of great stuff. Well I think the painting turned out as I intended so I was happy.

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Sharon Wright said...

Oh, please try and put it into words, because I'm not sure you have been doing anything wrong! I would love to know what your revelation was!
Both paintings are brilliant, especially the portrait, a great feeling of hesitancy. Also love those birds in hats and little twit, they made me smile.