Monday, June 4, 2012

06/04/2012 Drawings In Music Motion

             This was one of the first drawing I started doing at the open mic performances

     So over the past two years it has been the craziest my life has ever been for sure! And I have done hundreds of drawings on napkins, random sheets of paper of all sizes, on walls and more. I have no photographs of anything I did or left behind or given away including newspapers with drawings of trees or screaming faces. Just memory's that might not even be there. Today as I went threw a few piles of old drawings I came across a few drawings I did and thought I would share.
      About a year and a half ago I started going to a few local Sacramento hangouts were they had open mic nights, were people would get up and sing two or three songs. It all began one night as I was listening to the music drawing random stuff in my sketch book and someone asked if I was going to draw the musicians. And so I did, at first I was drawing in pen and ink like the first drawing above then after a while I moved on two the light tan paper with black and white charcoal. Then I started showing up on Fridays and Saturdays at the local bar and drawing the bands as the performed live.
      In this time I had meet some really great people that truly believed in my talents and have shown great support. I went on to perform live on stage and do drawing performances and one of my portrait drawings in motion even made it on a CD cover of a local kid called James Cavern. It is a really great feeling knowing that my pictures and even the ones on napkins have made it up on the walls of there homes all over this town. I did not make much money at any of this drawing stuff over all this time and have no pictures really to show but I would not change a thing. The raw training of drawing from life with the music to feeding my soul was what I needed.
      This was a time of great change in my life and the drawings kept me moving forward. Now I have moved on from doing the live drawing at the bars because it is time for change. I still go to a local coffee house once a month and draw the live performers and make a few extra bucks, maybe I will start to bring a camera and take some pictures to post here!!!!