Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Well another great weekend in living Northern California as I got to ski on Saturday and kayak the white water the very next day. I tagged a sign along the road at the take out, the take out is just were we get out of the river at the end of the day and meet up at the beginning of the day. For the past few months I have showed up a few minutes early and put some time in on my drawing on the back of the sign.
So now I think it is finished and wanted to share the final product. You can not really see the image this good in person because the lines are not as black as they are in the photo. I really pumped up the contrast to create darker lines for you to see. I drew this using graphite, and on the back of the silver sign it is hard to really see. Kind of hidden in a way, if you get up close you can see it really good, but as you drive past you can not see it so much.
Breaking the law a bit maybe, so I will not disclose the location. But I am sure this will not be the last sign I tag. I do wonder if I would get a ticket or in trouble, not looking for that in my life. Just thought it to be a way to kill some time and leave my mark. I did notice after taking a few pictures this week that more that one group of people did walk past and notice with delight. Saying very nice or cool as I just smiled and thought my job was complete and gave a good positive message. I mean a drew some nature, better than looking at the back of a sign, right?

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