Monday, January 11, 2010

Sketch Book

I made it up to the Sierra's this weekend to do some skiing. Saturday it was quite warm, like spring skiing slushy snow and all. It was still as much fun as a ski bum could ask for. I packed my lunch and thought I should eat at the top in the trees then I saw my sketch book and thought I could hump that up the hill as well. As I said it was warm, enough to draw without gloves.
It was over cast and my view down to Lake Tahoe was really great. All of Lake Tahoe was covered in a blanket of fog.
So it might have been a bit cooler than I first thought because my pen gave out after the first sketch. I was ready with pencil because I though it might be to cold for the pen. Well this was my first time taking the sketch book skiing with me, kind of fun on a non powder day. I have a season pass so I will have to try this more in the future. Maybe in the spring I could try a painting or even just bring some white paint with me to paint on my sketch, to represent snow, or chalk or color pencil maybe.

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