Saturday, October 24, 2009


30x48 inch oil painting on panel.
Well I have been wanting to do a larger painting of this smaller study for a while and I finally gave it a go. Right from the start I had conflict with looking back at the photo I did the study from. This was bad, because I started to put in things that I had left out before in the earlier study. I ended up sticking with the study I had created from the start. This should have been a way easier process had I fallowed the clear map I created in doing the study. I guess there where things about the photo that I like in a different way and can still explore those feelings. The point is that I had a plan the whole time and almost did not stick to it. I did change the composition a bit bye adding more room on the top and bottom and that was not part of the plan at first, but I made that change before the painting even started, anyway.

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