Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mother & Child

12x22 inch oil on canvas
This painting was done from a photo that I took from the internet. I really wanted to do a few mother and child theme paintings but have no pictures of my own. This is a very bad path to travel, using a photo that I do not own, their are copy right laws. And I do not know anything about them, I have herd change the image 10 percent, but I am not sure. Well I went ahead and did a few paintings anyway, even if they are just studies that I will never sell, like most of my work.
Ended up doing two paintings from this photo, this being the first of two. Her forearm got to be a bit large, it is from carrying those large babies all day. No not really, my drawing is all wrong, the head is small or the arm is large anyway it is not my best work. But on the other hand I do love parts of it, like the bottom right side of the painting with the drapery. I long to get this kind of a feel to my work but it only comes out in little parts right now. Because I will do a passage that I really like and then make the head to small, I need it to all come together. The next painting of this image is a bit better stay tune.

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