Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mendocino Workshop Weekend

Last weekend I attended a two day Gouache & Watercolor workshop with Eric Tiemens in Mendocino California. I left a day early to stay with a friend that lived 20 miles or so from the workshop. This trip I was really going to be doing some camping and packed all my food for the three day voyage to save some money. I popped a tent next to my friends home, pretty remote living off the grid as they call it. Only five bumpy miles to the oceans edge so at night the swell came in that first night and you could hear the ocean dance. This was music to my buddies ears because the surf was going to be up in the morning.
That day I did a few drawings and was relaxing before the workshop. My friend had this old wagon in his yard and it was to good to pass up. Then we went down to the ocean and this boat was on a trailer in the parking lot, so I did a drawing of it, I like all the little stuff that is on a boat like this one. I will post my stuff I did at the workshop later.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! Didja learn lots from Erik?